Top 10 Diorama Ideas

Looking for great diorama ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will take a look at some of the best ideas for dioramas. Most of them are suitable for all scales.


Well, obvious really. But what’s not that obvious is the vast amount of choices you have. There are several types of garages you might want to build.

There are the classic neighborhood garages that work like workshops, there are more upscale garages and then there are normal house garages. Depending on your choice you can make various changes in the equipment and set up of the garage. Lights are recommended although they are not a must. Suitable for all scales mainly the bigger ones.

Car Showroom

Another popular choice is the car showroom. Here you have the freedom of choosing the entire setup and cars.

A great addition to car showroom dioramas are rotating platforms, slightly elevated platforms (that keep the car at an angle), small pedestals with a rope between them and etc. Here the lighting is highly recommended as they are essential for the correct presentation in any showroom. Suitable for all scales.

Official dealership

Official dealerships are great diorama ideas. Here you have to keep to the said car manufacturer and it is a nice idea to research the actual dealerships – how the cars are displayed, what accessories are visible and etc.

Some dealerships are on two or more stories, and they include a service center and etc. Choosing on what to include in your diorama is depending on the available space. Suitable for all scales.

Road scene

Another great diorama classic is the road scene. This is relatively easy to recreate, depending on the road. Motorway would be much easier than a corner on a mountain road for example.

A nice way to further improve road scene dioramas is with a properly scaled picture of a vista. This type of diorama is more appropriate for smaller scales like 1:24, 1:43, 1:87 etc. This way it is easier to accommodate more in less space.


This is one of the most complex diorama ideas but it is possible. The best way is to chose a brand that makes its cars by hand.

Another complication is precision. Finding photos of the actual factory can be a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, there’s no rule saying that it has to be spot on.

Chop shop

This is a rare diorama choice as it requires some models that are not in a very good condition. Still, you can easily find damaged models online or through fellow collectors.

Also you can just take a model or two apart and use their parts scattered around the diorama. Chop shop means a lot more freedom in design and items which makes it a nice idea for diorama beginners. Suitable for all scales.

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One of the easiest diorama ideas to turn into a reality. You just need a few figurines, some cotton, a small bucket, hose and you’re done.

Of course you can add some extra punch by making it an automated carwash or building a small garage to accommodate the classic carwash. Suitable for all scales.

Track / rally scene

If you are into collecting race cars then a race focused diorama is a great idea. Of course it would be difficult to make an entire track, but there are a lot of other options.

Like remaking a famous corner of a track, a pit stop or a rally scene. Another option is to make an off-road scene. Here you’re free of making buildings but the challenge of making a small bridge and a river, or a dirt hill is not small either. Suitable mainly for smaller scales.

Car show

If you want some glamour then this entry in our Top 10 Diorama Ideas is for you. Get your best cars, polish them real nice, roll out the red carpet and rotating platforms and make your own car show.

Here the proper lighting is a must as all car shows rely heavily on lighting and electronics to improve the looks and presentation. Also add some figurines of show girls. This diorama idea is suitable for all scales but it is recommended for more experienced builders.

Construction diorama

Construction dioramas are quite impressive. They are relatively simple to make, as you just need basic parts roughly put together and some suitable diecast construction models.

Figurines are also a nice addition, but not a must. Since most diecast construction models are offered in smaller scales, this makes it relatively a done deal but don’t kid yourself. Construction dioramas are very easy to quickly expand in size and become quite big even if the base scale is relatively small.

Bonus: Furniture-based dioramas

Usually the diorama is a separate standalone structure. You take a base plate and build everything on it. But sometimes the great diorama ideas are the unorthodox.

You can build your diorama below the table (as long as the top of the table is made out of glass of course, just make the side walls tough enough to withstand the occasional loose foot. Another option is to build your diorama into the cabinet but this limits your options. The best diorama to do into a cabinet is the car show or car wash.

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