1:18 Kyosho Ferrari 512BB Review

The Ferrari 512BB is one of the popular but neglected Ferrari automobiles. It is actually the update to the 365 GT4 BB and was named after the Ferrari 512 race car.

The 512BB debuted in 1976 and had a larger engine, more power and etc. The car had slight improvements in its Pininfarina design in order to accommodate the extra oomph and to improve the overall look and performance.

The end result was quite good with the Ferrari 512BB getting a 4.9-liter petrol engine developing 360 hp. The car is rear wheel drive and the power is sent to the wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Over the years the Ferrari 512BB kept a loyal fan base even if it wasn’t the best Ferrari out there. Today a fine example will cost you a decent amount of money. Happily you can get one for you diecast collection pretty easy thanks to Kyosho.

They made several versions of the 512 and its predecessor with the 512BB being one of the most popular choices yet again. The model is pretty impressive especially when considering it was one of the earlier releases of the company.

Later they did rerelease it but the changes were minimal and mostly around the box. But we don’t care about the box that much, do we? What we are interested in is the actual model. And here it is in all of its glory.

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Take a look at the picture to the left. Looks good doesn’t it? That’s thanks to Kyosho’s fine work in shaping and scaling down the car to 1:18th scale.

The stance of the car is superb. The ride height is spot on albeit there is no working suspension. The wheels are nice, the rims are well made and the tires are a bit thick, but for 1976 that was the norm.

Moving our attention to the front of the model we find a big front grille with a superbly done prancing horse in the middle. Behind the grille you will see a couple of fog lights.

On top of the front trunk lid you will see more lights and grilles. Press lightly with your finger on the back of the popup lights and voila, they will pop out.

Lift the lid and you will see a superbly detailed trunk. Well, the term “trunk” is used loosely but still, it is fully carpeted, there are several fluid containers, struts to hold up the cover and etc.

Turn the model and check out the back side. It is correctly shaped but the grilles are solid. The enormous grille on the engine cover is also solid but overall you won’t notice it much.

Lift the engine cover to reveal a huge engine block complete with lots of details even wiring. Overall pretty decent stuff. Just don’t lift the lid by grabbing the spoiler as it is fragile and you could snap it off. Grab the sides of the cover instead.

Moving to the interior, we open the doors which are on realistic hinges. Sadly they lack windows which is a bit of a disappointment.

The interior is fully carpeted with even the portion behind the wheels is covered by the flocking. The seats are nicely modeled while the seatbelts could have beet a bit better. The dashboard is quite plain but then again it is such on the real car as well.

On the underside of the 512BB Kyosho have tried to their best with what is available. There are several suspension components and the entire engine block and exhaust system are visible.

In the end, the 1:18 Kyosho Ferrari 512BB is one great model, especially for the Ferrari collector. It might be one of the earlier releases but it brings a decent amount of details and quality. The good thing is that it is easy to find even to this day for decent prices.

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