1:50 BYMO Terex Unit Rig MT4400 Review

The 1:50 BYMO Terex Unit Rig MT4400 is another stunning diecast construction model. Well, to be precise, the truck is used in mining not exactly construction, but we’ll gloss over that.

The important part is that this model by BYMO a.k.a. BRAMI has a lot to offer and is truly impressive, not only with its size. But before we go on to the model, let’s check out the real truck.

It is made by Terex and it’s subsidiary Unit Rig especially for carrying the enormous loads in open mining. The MT4400 is durable in every possible way, features lots of technologies for optimal performance and is capable of carrying 240 tons of payload.

The truck is quite big. It is long 14 meters, 7.6 meters wide and 7.2 meters high when the dumb body is lowered. The height reaches over 12 meters when it is lifted. An enormous 16 cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine is producing 2700 hp to move the MT4400 and its payload.

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It is a beast no doubt about that. And the model that BRAMI have made of it is of similar nature. The pictures for the review have been provided by Buffalo Road Imports.

The model is quite impressive. Even though its scale is 1:50 it is big. It is around 11 inches long, 6 inches high and 6.5 inches wide. The scale is pretty precise.

Let’s focus on the front of the model. It is quite impressive and very well made. All of the guard rails are here, some a metal, others plastic. The entire body is diecast and pretty well crafted at that.

If there’s one slight drawback it’s the headlights which could have been a bit more realistic. Apart from that the rest of the front is beautiful. It gives a nice feeling of sturdiness which is good.

There are various small details scattered around the front. Like signal lights, “electronic” displays, safety chains, mirrors, fire extinguisher and more. BRAMI have definitely tried to make the model special.

The good stuff is only beginning though. The entire dump body is made from metal and thus it is quite heavy. But that doesn’t stop it from being fully functional.

BYMO have put in sturdy metal pistons, the same as on the real truck, to give the dump body the needed support to stay lifted.

The back of the model is quite simple and it’s dominated by the 4 huge rubber tires.

Between them is the chassis of the truck with two beautifully crafted hinges for the dump body and some other details. There are a couple of chains (very real) mounted at the back of the dump body.

The tires are like nothing you’ve probably seen on a diecast model. They are HUGE and made from rubber.

The front two steer, although the radius is not that great, but we doubt that’s going to be an issue when you park it in your diorama or display cabinet.

Overall the 1:50 BYMO Terex Unit Rig MT4400 is a great addition to your diecast construction models collection.

The model has some decent features, it is offering great quality and looks very good. Our only real beef is the front headlights which could have been that little bit better.

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